Antibacterial Fogging Services

Disinfectant Fogging Services

Cleaning Service7 offers the most effective fogging solutions to ensure a clean and healthy environment for your premises. Our mission is to keep the environment clean, operational and virus free by providing the best commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning services in Manitoba. Get your employees safe with frequent office sanitizing by professional disinfecting service professionals in Manitoba.

What is Fogging Solution?

Fogging solutions take ordinary disinfecting services to another level. It creates a broad spectrum mist that covers hard to reach surfaces and high traffic by applying solutions in one go. It is 99.99% effective against viruses and bacteria.

General disinfection services have limited capabilities and cover small targeted areas. However, fogging services include powerful tools that are effective for large areas. Fogging disinfection services use advanced procedures to eliminate harmful substances from the surfaces. Moreover, Fogging solutions are used to treat large and big spaces in order to control all airborne transmitting viruses or bacteria.

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How does Fogging work?

Professional disinfectant fogging solutions produce a fine mist that remains in the air long enough to kill airborne bacteria and viruses. It also eliminates pathogens from surfaces like walls, furniture, floors and ceilings.

The fine mist, like ULV Fogger, uses a liquid antimicrobial solution that is transmuted into a vapour. Then a fan disperses the vapour to the targeted areas. As the vapour disperses, it develops into a fog-like or thick mist atmosphere. Thus, the name fogging!

The fogging solution covers everything that comes in contact with surfaces and hard-to-reach surfaces that generally go unnoticed. Fogging solutions also combat airborne pathogens as the fog-like mist passes through the air.

Once the procedure has been completed, all the hard-surfaces are wiped down to remove excess mist. A disinfected surface should be kept evacuated for a minimum of six hours after being fogged.

Are Fogging Services Safe?

Professional disinfectant fogging service uses antimicrobial solutions that are 99.99% effective against viruses and bacteria. Results have proven that a disinfectant fogging solution eliminates and kills 99.99% of germs, viruses, and bacteria. It is a non-toxic solution that doesn’t harm pets, children, etc. Hence, disinfectant fogging service providers use government approved disinfectant fogging solutions that provide a safe and healthy atmosphere.

Coronavirus Disinfecting Service Fog Spray in Manitoba

With the outspread of this deadly virus, the environment is at high risk. As per the research, coronavirus can last up to 3 days on plastic surfaces and a minimum of 24 hours on cupboards and metal surfaces. Usually, disinfecting services might not be as effective as disinfecting through fogging services can be. Hence, fogging is an effective solution for removing 99.99% of germs, viruses, and bacteria from the surfaces. Call the experts from Cleaning Service7 and get coronavirus disinfection service fog spray for your office in Manitoba today!

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Why Fogging Solutions?

Over the years, the office or home premises collect bacteria, dust, germs and viruses. Although bacteria and germs gather everywhere, offices or business places come under high contact areas. These high contact areas contain objects and surfaces that individuals touch the most. Hence, for a safe and clean environment, professional disinfectant fogging services are a must. Professional disinfectant fogging service has numerous benefits to keep the surfaces 99.99% free against viruses and bacteria.

Professional disinfectant fogging service providers use biodegradable products that don’t harm the environment, humans or pets in any manner. Eco-friendly fogging services allow people to resume work safely without the need for respiratory protection.

Preventive disinfection fogging solutions are available as a routine service that effectively maintains a healthy indoor atmosphere. This minimizes the risk of people contracting viruses or bacteria off surfaces and helps to purify the air. Fogging is a cost-effective approach to keep the environment disinfected without any extra cost. With routine fogging solutions, your employees will also have a feeling of safety, which will increase their morale and efficiency.

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