COVID cleaning services

Are you looking for the best COVID cleaning services in Winkler?

Cleaning service 7days Ltd. has become one of the best COVID cleaning service providers you can find in Winkler. Our expertise in the remediation of infectious diseases and biohazards like COVID 19 has gained a good reputation as we deliver the best disinfectant and protection standards possible. At the focus of our organization’s coronavirus cleaning services lies our expert team of credentialed and experienced workers. So, you can be sure that your safety and health are in trustworthy hands.

In these crucial days of COVID 19 and flu, Cleaning service 7days Ltd. is providing a groundbreaking level of COVID cleaning and sanitizing services to all businesses and facilities. We, at Cleaning service 7days Ltd., use an extremely effective disinfectant solution that kills fungi, bacteria, and viruses (which includes the human Coronavirus).

Not only that, but the solution also provides sanitization to your workplace and smells amazing. We also use anti-microbial technology, which builds multiple monolayers to kill microbes by destroying their cell membrane. In this method, microbes don’t even get a chance to mutate, adapt, or breed into more numbers. Even in the dry state, our cleaning products continue to work by forming a strong covalent bond with the surface where the solution is applied.

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